Monday, 11 August 2014

now we are one thousand!

Something unmade remains full of promise
and to celebrate the 1000th post on this blog,
today's Dailymade will not be made.

I posted the 1000th Dailymade today! It’ll be three years this October since I started  If this project was higher education, I’d be close to graduating now. But what does my Dailymade ‘degree' qualify me for exactly? I started the blog to help me generate new work and prompt more reflection on my practice. Looking at what I've written here on weeklyweaves, this has worked very well. Am I to go on with this? Absolutely! It feels like I’m only just starting with this project, and as a three year old having just learned how to walk, I’m now eager to run.

Below are the 10 most visited Dailymades. It would make sense for me to post my own favourites here, but I think the choosing will be really hard. As I do feel I’m only as good as the last thing I’ve made, my own all time favourite has to be today’s Dailymade – see picture above. In this case of course it wasn't actually made and it goes to show that there maybe is only one thing better than making, and that is not to make!

Dailymade 120531
Dailymade 120712
Dailymade 120212
Dailymade 120713
Dailymade 120905
Dailymade 120901
Dailymade 121214
Dailymade 120611
Dailymade 130513
Dailymade 120102

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