Monday, 19 September 2016

Score for the Atlantic Wall

Score for the Atlantic Wall is a performative installation created with a group of participants at the Atlantikwall Museum, a WW2 site at Raversijde near Oostende. The piece was commissioned by Vrijstaat 0 for the exhibition Private Tag, curated by Isabelle De Baets.

The piece, developed over a couple of weeks, was made by walking through the site following existing animal tracks, desire lines and boundaries marked by trenches and openings to tunnels.

These paths, made physical through stitch, brought into view and into mind the superimposed networks of lines dissecting the site, topographical, man-made and imagined.

The group of participants completed the work in a durational performance at the opening of the exhibition. A film documenting the making and rehearsal of this piece was also shown.

For more information on the exhibition, click on this link.

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