Friday, 10 July 2015

The Weave Exchange

Above are pictures of stalls being build yesterday for the TransActions: the Market of Values, which I’ll be taking part of on Saturday at Chelsea College. It was a glorious sunny day, perfect from helping out the Critical Practice team and Public Works making from recycled wood from the degree shows at the college earlier in June.

My plan at the event with The Weave Exchange is to display a selection of objects made by Oya during the Land of Plenty project. I’ll invite people to exchange these for something else. This might be a new object, or a pattern, a set of instructions, an idea for an improved version of these, or even a story that related to them in some way…

The People’s Bureau, who invited me to be part of TransActions, will be given the role of assessing whether the exchanges are equitable. Without their endorsement no trading can happen. I’m interested in finding out what criteria are used when debating these exchanges and with this, how the value of work, making and objects is put into question. I’ll keep you informed on the outcome of all of this in my next post.

Works produced by Oya, Land of Plenty project