Thursday, 22 September 2016


strung - A collaborative film and performanc by Jane Fradgley & Shane Waltener for 
Reclaiming Asylum, an exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery

Below are extracts from the exhibition catalogue. All images are film still shot by Antonia Attwood

Whilst exploring ideas of being grounded (or not), facing anxiety, risk taking, embracing the unknown and the journeys taken as a consequence of all of this. A young woman weaves and moves through an insecure structure, feet off the ground, attached to the tree itself, which while defying gravity gives her support, safety and freedom to climb.

Based around a majestic Lebanese cedar tree next to the Bethlem Gallery, Fradgley and Waltener have come together employing stitch, movement, sound and visuals to create new performance and moving-image based work with Laura Glaser (dance artist), Zoë Gilmour (sound artist) and Antonia Attwood (videographer). Inspired by Fradgley’s project held and Waltener’s woven installation and performance work, strung, is an enquiry into notions of personal boundaries, freedom and restraint.

seeking movement for blessing

barefoot dancing

cutting shapes


yearning and stitching

blissfully climbing



darkness looming

unnatural holding

strung out


melting gently cleaving

soul transcending

end of the


A poem by Jane Fradgley

Note to myself: Find out what a work might be about. Let everyone get on with what they do best. As soon as we all know, the work will be done.- Shane Waltener

Monday, 19 September 2016

Score for the Atlantic Wall

Score for the Atlantic Wall is a performative installation created with a group of participants at the Atlantikwall Museum, a WW2 site at Raversijde near Oostende. The piece was commissioned by Vrijstaat 0 for the exhibition Private Tag, curated by Isabelle De Baets.

The piece, developed over a couple of weeks, was made by walking through the site following existing animal tracks, desire lines and boundaries marked by trenches and openings to tunnels.

These paths, made physical through stitch, brought into view and into mind the superimposed networks of lines dissecting the site, topographical, man-made and imagined.

The group of participants completed the work in a durational performance at the opening of the exhibition. A film documenting the making and rehearsal of this piece was also shown.

For more information on the exhibition, click on this link.