Monday, 14 September 2015

An Abecedary for Oya / Manufactum at CC de Ververij

Below is some copy which I wrote last month to accompany ‘An abecedary for Oya’, a series of works included in the current exhibition Manufactum at CC de Ververij in Ronse, curated by Jan Leconte and Chris Rotsaert.

For more info on the work and exhibition, see the links above or previous posts, or better still, go see the exhibition before the end of the month.

A for Anticipation and Artisanal

B for Baskets and Bonanzas

C for Cording and Coiling

An Abecedary for Oya

Earlier this year, artist Shane Waltener worked on Land of Plenty, a project commissioned by Rocsa. The collaborative project with the Oya group led to a number of objects being made, using locally sourced plant materials and yarns. They were exhibited at the end of the project at De Site in Ghent, where the plant materials were originally collected from.

The 26 composite pieces on display here include these original objects combined with others that inspired them or that were made in response to them. Also included with these are a number of Dailymades, selected from an ongoing series of works started by the artist in 2011.

By collaging and juxtaposing objects drawing on traditional crafts from all around the world and including techniques such as weaving, basketry and Oya crochet work, 'An Abedecary for Oya' questions where inspiration comes from and what objects communicate to us; can they contribute even to our sense of place and shift our understanding of our own social or cultural identity?

D for Darning and Dance

E for Exploring and Expanding

F for Feral and Foraging

G for Generous and Generative

H for Harvest and Hardiness

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