Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Practical Basketry Techniques

Having worked over the past year on Practical Basketry Techniques, a teach yourself basketry book published by A&C Black due out in 2012, I thought I would start this blog.

My aim is to log my making and research relating to basketry, and weaving in general, beyond the 16 projects included in the book. The publication introduces traditional as well as non traditional basketry techniques, with a focus (including many tips and botanical references) on sourcing and foraging for natural fibres from your local environment to weave with, as well as recycled materials.

Updating this blog on a weekly basis will hopefully provide me, and you, with inspiration for weaving and basketry projects, some of them seasonal, the whole year round.

For info on other projects of mine, visit my website or other blog.


  1. Hi Shane,

    Ive jsut stumbled across this and it looks wonderful. Just about to find out if the book is out yet. I have been passionately making baskets this year after finally doing a workshop with Meri Peach in May. I have been using instagram to journal my progress. Sydney is the most marvellous place to find materials. I am currently in love with Bangalow palm sheathes and making platters of all sizes. Also enjoying spring and picking up twigs - camphor laurel and jacaranda for some lovely sculptural random weaves.
    If you instagram you can see my progress @looselywoven. Thanks for so much great reading! Nicole

  2. Belatedly sending you a reply to your nice comment. Thanks for this. Glad you are enjoying the book. Keep up the good work and don't forget post a few images on your blog everynow and then. Best, S