Tuesday, 2 June 2015

All packed and ready to dance...

score for Bobbin Dance #5

Yan Tan Tethera is touring and I am getting ready for the curator of the exhibition David Littler to come and pick up the work which will be included in the exhibition at Walford Mills.

practice bobbins for Bobbin Dance #2

Pictured here are the various items that will be on show. All of these were used in dances performed last year at Cecil Sharp House where the exhibition was first hosted.

props for Bobbin Dance #4

Also pictured is the new score for Bobbin Dance #5, which will be performed for the opening of the exhibition as part of the Wimbourne Minster Folk Festival.

score and bobbins for Bobbin Dance #4 

I’m very happy to say Ben Moss who led the dances at the Folk Centre in London will be playing his fiddle for us again on June 13th when we ar to perform the dance on the streets of Wimbourne.

score and bobbins for Bobbin Dance #3 

Not included here are the drawings and pictures also to be exhibited in the show. I’m holding back on these for now, though if you look at the previous posts I wrote on Yan Tan Tethera you might just be able to work out what these will be. Better still, come see the show and join the dancers in the parade…

Jess wearing the new dance score, 
and packaged below

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