Saturday, 12 January 2013

memos to myself

Out with the old, in with the new! The New Year calls for a new brief, a new manifesto! There will  only be one set of rules for making my dailymades, it’ll be THE ONLY MANIFESTO…

ONLY take a day maximum to make something
- the clue is in the title of the series of works
ONLY use found, foraged or recycled materials
- be a producer not a consumer
ONLY use the most rudimentary tools
- hi tech is good, lo tech is better
ONLY work with cheap materials
- the value is in the making
ONLY make things once
- variation is better than repetition
ONLY make sense of things through repetition
- either that or improvisation
ONLY make things spontaneously
- a variation of the previous rule
ONLY record the making process in my head
- to make reproducing more revealing
ONLY reveal the art through criticism, not backed up by it
- this one is after Robert Benjamin
ONLY make work according to these rules
- like boundaries you've got to have them
ONLY stick to these rules until you decide to change them
- the only truly sensible way to work

notebook and glue
dailymade #130110

Saturday, 5 January 2013

horns of (little and) plenty

stripped and split sycamore
dailymade #120705

Going round in circles comes really naturally when I’m making. This is not altogether surprising as I commonly use basketry techniques for producing my dailymades. Reviewing a year's work I now realise just how many of these are circular, conical and horn shaped.

plaited paper
dailymade #121021

My aim is to make sculptures rather than baskets though. These constructions rarely have bases, or handles, and are often made from ephemeral materials. I'm interested in assembling and manipulating materials through the process of weaving. Tying the ends of flexible lengths of materials together is a usual starting point and the final shape, largely determined by the nature of the materials themselves, is achieved by working these through improvised or repeated actions. Striking the right balance between the two actions is how the potential in the work is revealed, often in mysterious and surprising ways.

plaited paper
dailymade #121214

With repetition comes certainty and the accidental ends up controlled. When a pattern emerges, this is my cue to stop weaving; the suggestion of a pattern is enough. Repeatedly ‘looping the loop’ is unnecessary because at this stage the open-ended spirals of these woven cornucopias are already full of promise, tempting you to look closer.

assembled cherry prunings
dailymade #120226

plaited phormium leaves
dailymade #120518

coiled modelling balloons
dailymade #120516

woven elder, sycamore bark and grass
dailymade #120610

plaited toilet paper
dailymade #121019

corded and twined napkins and plastic forks
dailymade #120213

coiled paper spills and paper clips
dailymade #120124