Saturday, 12 January 2013

memos to myself

Out with the old, in with the new! The New Year calls for a new brief, a new manifesto! There will  only be one set of rules for making my dailymades, it’ll be THE ONLY MANIFESTO…

ONLY take a day maximum to make something
- the clue is in the title of the series of works
ONLY use found, foraged or recycled materials
- be a producer not a consumer
ONLY use the most rudimentary tools
- hi tech is good, lo tech is better
ONLY work with cheap materials
- the value is in the making
ONLY make things once
- variation is better than repetition
ONLY make sense of things through repetition
- either that or improvisation
ONLY make things spontaneously
- a variation of the previous rule
ONLY record the making process in my head
- to make reproducing more revealing
ONLY reveal the art through criticism, not backed up by it
- this one is after Robert Benjamin
ONLY make work according to these rules
- like boundaries you've got to have them
ONLY stick to these rules until you decide to change them
- the only truly sensible way to work

notebook and glue
dailymade #130110


  1. Love your manifesto Shane - genius. Love the notebook work too and shared links on my blog today. Wishing you an explosion of creativity in 2013 xx

    1. Thanks Lya. Wishing you the best back too. S x