Friday, 16 November 2012

now we are one

Dailymades is 1 today! That’s 365 posts in the last year, one sculpture made everyday.  I’m surprised I’ve got this far with the project, and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon either…

My aim, as with weeklyweaves, was to make sense of my interests in making and weaving with relation my own sculptures, installations and performance work. I aimed to make my practice a daily activity working with everyday materials and techniques.

From this a pattern of producing archetypal/symbolic shapes has emerged, circles for example, and making has become automatic, almost instinctive. Does it all make sense yet?  Yes and no. As with any research, one question leads to many more, and the answers (as well as inspiration to make more) are to be found amongst all of these.

dailymade #121108

One of my own personal favorite outcome meanwhile is the one illustrated above, produced last week and made from lollipops. Below is another survey, that of the 10 post popular posts since the blog began. Thank you for reading and following!

dailymade #120714

dailymade #120901

dailymade #120905

dailymade #120102

dailymade #120611

dailymade #111116

dailymade #111213

dailymade #120531

dailymade #120722

dailymade #111127


  1. Happy birthday Dailymades - the things you make bring me great joy my lovely. I make nothing myself so live vicariously through you. Many happy returns of the day... Jenny x

    1. Thank you thank you Jenny! You are making something, and that is the author of these very happy. x

  2. I am a late arrival to this project. I love seeing the immediacy of daily work. Vey zen like – capturing of moments. I did a piece of knitting - every day for a year as part of knit a year
    It is an amazing thing to create in moments and reflect back on in the past. It can take on significant meanings or it can just be.

    So much of craft exhibitions puts a value on the amount of time taken to create particular pieces. What you are demonstrating through this project is the immediacy of craft – created in shorter periods of time but influenced by many moments of the crafter. So how about a curated exhibition physical (and virtual) based on a set time on a particular day - for example, first day of spring? I am based in the North East –so we get fixated on the light returning. There are lots of makers here and I am sure we could find some spaces?