Wednesday, 21 November 2012

exploding bird nests

Someone once described contemporary baskets as things that look like exploding bird nests.  It was meant as a criticism I believe but no matter, I love that image… 

Looking at a whole bunch of dailymades while still in the spirit of the first anniversary of the blog, I’ve put together the selection below with this in mind. There lies an idea for an exhibition... It needn’t be about contemporary basketry or even basketry art, but simply a sculpture show with works informed by the craft as well as a wider practice of weaving. Any interested curators out there?

pens, pencils and elastic bands
dailymade #120104
masking tape, paint and bristles
dailymade #120312
sycamore leaf stalks
dailymade #120613
paper clips
dailymade #120107
cardboard and clothes pegs
dailymade #120217
paper spills and wire
dailymade #120125
clothes pegs and card labels
dailymade #120808
paper and crayon
dailymade #120804
banana skin
dailymade #120309
orange peel and dental sticks
dailymade #120505
balsam poplar prunings and bamboo skewers
dailymade #120227

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