Saturday, 7 January 2012

stationery hacks: assembled baskets

There’s a flurry of activities at the studio at the moment as I am preparing for two new shows opening next week. One is at Siobhan Davies Studios (more info on this in my next post), the other a group exhibition of staff teaching on textiles and jewellery courses at Morley College. The college is a long established adult education centre near Waterloo. I have been teaching there for over ten year now, less than 10 days a year on average, but I love it. The age of my learners ranges from 18 to 80, and the breadth of experience amongst the group makes for the most interesting sessions.

The college has a gallery and it is in this space that I will be exhibiting. Their last show which I didn’t spend enough time at was on the influence of Cornelius Cardew, who taught an experimental music class at the college in the 60s, amongst a list of other illustrious figures such Gustav Holst and Benjamin Britten.

My contribution to the exhibition will consist of three assembled baskets. Made out of pencils, felt tips and biros, each of these were constructed on a piece of A4 paper and have thus produced a drawing each, a record of their own creation. I will be exhibiting these alongside the baskets. I produced a similar piece last year that was included in the assembled basketry chapter of Practical Basketry Techniques (pg 140), and was inspiration for the two assembly projects illustrated in the book. Outcomes of these are posted below.

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