Friday, 2 December 2011

hanging baskets and bags

Getting back into twining last week reminded me of a couple of projects I worked on last year - The Hanging Gardens of Tibby Place, part of the Secret Garden Project, and Curious about Craft, a gig organised by Craftspace for teenagers in Birmingham city centre. With these, I put into practice my research on hedgerow basketry for the book on basketry I mentioned before, combining it with my interest in freeform weaving to create large scale structures and installations. The baskets illustrated above were made by the participants on both projects, using a wide range natural materials. Hops, bindweed, phormium and daffodil leaves were used as weavers. Brambles, elder, buddleia branches and other creeping vines (all courtesy of the local municipal gardeners) were used for the stakes. Sisal and baler twine was also used to add colour to the baskets, as well as for creating the woven structure that supported the hanging baskets. In retrospect, I'd probably use coloured jute instead, much better for the environment. The sag in the fibre however might not provide such good support for the baskets however. The dilemma is yours if you are take up this project. If you do, why not send me a picture of your finished basket. Happy weaving...

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