Friday, 25 November 2011

plant supports and bird baskets

The birdfeeders I made last week didn't last very long unfortunately - see previous post. I'm not sure how many birds got a meal out of them before the grey squirrels ravaged the feeders. The trick is I realise to hang them on long pieces of string from thin branches, to prevent vandalism from these agile rodents. I salvaged a few of the feeders and hung them back up with peanuts attached to them. Fingers crossed! Having still large amounts of green waste at my disposal, I planned to make a wigwam to support the sweet peas and nasturtiums I want to grow in the allotment. The stakes not being long enough for sweet pea, I made a smaller plant support instead, to hide the manhole cover in the middle of the vegetable patch, which I'll get the nasturtium to grow on. I also twined a few small baskets using the cotoneaster and dogwood and placed them in discreet spots in bushes and trees. Let's see if they get populated by birds on a look out for somewhere to nest...

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