Thursday, 22 June 2017

Craft is...

Craftspace kindly asked me to lead an activity for their 30th anniversary celebration. I decided to revisit something Eva Sajovic and myself worked on for a Tate exchange event in March, part of the People’s Bureau’s Unearthing project - see previous posts for details including this one.

... a basic human need
I thought I’d engage people in conversations rather than make something on this occasion. The prompt was to have people hold hands, cupping them as if to hold water and pour plaster in them. The time it took for the plaster to set was the length of time participants were committed to talk to each other. The focus of their conversations was a response to something I read to them, compiled from interviews with audience members involved in Craftspace past projects and questions of my own.

Below and above are condensed transcripts of their conversations and pictures of some of the casts. I’ll post the full transcript of the 30 conversations sometime soon.

... problem solving and building confidence

... practical, meaningful and intimate

... 'making with'

... activism

... a community tool

... ritual and romance

... valuing individuality

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