Friday, 20 January 2017

time to talk

A few photos taken when Eva Sajovic and Corinne Silva paid me a visit in my old studio in New Cross, wanting help with casting Jaffa oranges for a project they are working on in Jordan. While the moulds were setting, Eva and I joined and cupped our hands for Corinne to pour plaster in. 

The plaster started to set and heat up while we stood still and faced each other. When it started cooling was an indicator it was set and we released our hands.

During the time it took for this to happen, roughly 15minutes, we discussed the possibility doing this as an activity for the pilot event at Tate Exchange of Unearthing, a collaborative project between The People’s Bureau and me. Strangers would commit to holding hands while waiting for the mould to set, prompting conversations that would be recorded. Off now to find the images of the actual event...

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