Friday, 24 April 2015

time to sit back and do nothing

Spring time gardening seems to be all about taking it easy. I’m spending more and more time as a resident artist at Stave Hill Ecological Park not doing anything else than observing the amazing transformation that is taking place there.

Remember the piece woven with willow rods from a pollarded hedge to create something of a knot garden? If not take a look at this previous post and compare photos taken then with those illustrated here. My thoughts at the time were to grow different herbs in the various sections created by the network of willow rods. Since then so many plants have come out of the ground there is no need for this - garlic mustard, purple nettles, goose grass, wild strawberry and dandelion to name but a few have colonised the place. I’ll ask Rebecca Clark when I next visit to help me identify more of these. With twenty six years experience working in the park there are very few I know she won’t be able to identify!

garlic mustard
more garlic mustard
purple nettles and dandelion
grass, an unwanted weed

All I’ve got to do now is enjoy the verdoyant sights and to do nothing, except maybe a little weeding to uproot the invasive grass. In a few weeks time I’ll be able to  harvest the edible plants and reap the rewards of my inactivity. Could life be any sweeter?

goose grass and wild strawberry
a mix of all above and tree saplings

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