Monday, 15 September 2014

First Moves: from Darlington to Stave Hill and back again

Last week I rehearsed the making of a piece at Stave Hill Ecological Park, destined to be installed at the Festival of Thrift. Looking like what is pictured here only larger, the installation will appear as a hanging garden woven between buildings, patches of grass and a row of 18 trees with many more twined constructions (see below and link) made by visitors at the festival attached to it.

This trial is the first of many interventions I’ll be making at Stave Hill, where I’m due to take up an artist residency later this Autumn. I’ll be collecting materials to work with in the park to create installations and sculptures as well as harvesting materials I've sown and grown on site. 

I’ve long thought of creating something of a basketry garden since writing Practical Basketry Techniques and with this project, I'm much closer to achieving this. With this opportunity and other ongoing projects, I’m sowing all sorts of seeds at the moment. Let's wait and see what work I’ll be reaping in the future...

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