Sunday, 29 March 2015

more sketches for spring(s)

One creative idea sparks another. While on a recce at Coombe Trenchard planning the making and installing of sculptures to be part of an an exhibition there (see previous post), various ideas came to mind, including this one below.

I came across the avenue of trees (below) while looking for locations to install the work and thought of the following idea: how about weaving a canopy between trees. Using a similar technique to the one used to create installations in Darlington and Edinburgh, I'd strap on wooden stilts to weave at a height that then allows visitors to meander between the trees when walking through to the woodland area of the estate. I'm completely up for that acrobatic challenge and will think of this as a draft proposal for the 2017 instalment of the show at Coombe Trenchard. So, George Marsh, curator of the event, be prepared!

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