Friday, 5 September 2014

painting for paint's sake

Painting again, at last! When I was studying at art college I stopped myself from specialising in the subject; so seduced was I by the medium I thought I'd lose myself in it, and never produce anything worthwhile, only frivolous decorative meanderings in paint.

Well, that is exactly what is happening now and, I’m loving it. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the members of Meet Me At The Albany I’m painting again, and making collages using the scraps of painted paper left over after the Matisse Cut-outs inspired workshop (see previous post). I love the accidental, aleatory, chance nature of these, and that the outcome is the result of a co-production between myself and the MMATA members.

It's also a relief not to be thinking about weaving for a change. That said, I still get a sense that I’m weaving with colour and shape on paper. Hmm... Off to the framers with these two anyway…

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