Saturday, 27 April 2013

cobwebs in the museum

Earlier this month I re-installed Another World Wide Web at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.  Originally installed in 2011 for the Love Lace exhibition, the piece was taken down while the museum underwent some major refurbishment.

The piece, knitted using shirring elastic, was stretched across a different space this time, adjacent to the site of the original installation. As a result, the shape of the new space informed a very different configuration.

There is talk of the show travelling to a soon-to-open, designed by one of Britain’s leading architects. This being unconfirmed, I can’t disclose the location yet, but given this London-based Iraqi  architect’s interest in overlapping perspectives and parallax, installing the piece in this new building should be a real adventure.  Fingers crossed that the plans for the show to tour are realised!

For more details on this installation and other related works, click here and here and here.

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