Friday, 22 March 2013

mapping memories

Done and dusted, almost! I finally sent off the retouched, reworked, resized, highlighted, airbrushed, copied and proofed artwork for printing yesterday. In a month from now I should be getting the composite image made from 52 photographs, printed on 3 sheets of formica. These will then be bonded onto three table tops furnishing a common room at the Lewisham Hospital. This will be the culmination of my involvement in the Little Boxes of Memories project, led by Entelechy Arts in partnership with the Museum of London and the hospital. See previous post art for health: remembering and forgetting for more writing on this.

The design was inspired by stories of four participants I worked with at the hospital. A patchwork of words, images, flowers, objects and materials all collaged together, it maps out their personal accounts of London and other places. The design weaves elements of interconnected narratives and memories of celebration, hope, love, loss, travel, passions, transformation and change, aiming to prompt further sharing and reflection amongst visitors and patients.

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