Sunday, 8 April 2012

launch at last

I can hardly believe it’s over a month already since the launch of Practical Basketry Techniques. I meant to post images here right after the event; blogger’s block or being really busy, I can’t really say why I’m so late doing this, but here they are at last.

The installation at the launch included outcomes of projects in the book displayed amongst a number of other ready made and customised baskets, some of them previously installed at the Hybrid Basketry project at Origin. The display aimed to illustrate the wide range of materials and techniques introduced in the book, as well as its re-use and recycling ethos. One of the aims with the publication was to take basketry ‘out of the countryside’ and make it relevant to an urban context, while also appealing to a broad readership of artists, designers, makers and non makers. You might not have a garden or be able to source willow locally, but inspired by projects in the book, you’ll seize the opportunity to use green waste collected by a neighbour, or hack into discarded objects for materials to weave with.

Twined and coiled hedgerow baskets using bindweed, buddleya, dogwood and grasses.

On the night of the launch, I was thrilled to see people come early (even if it was just to get their free copy of the book!), and from then on we had a table full of people making in the meeting room at Siobhan Davies Studios. Sadly we got no pictures of this, everyone being too busy plaiting at the time.

Thanks to Davida Saunders from A&C Black and Katy Bevan from the Crafts Council for introducing the book, Ranbing Gong for leading the plaiting workshop, Siobhan Davies Studios for hosting the event, as well as all of you who made it to the launch, it was a wonderful evening.

Plaited constructions using banana fibre, newspaper and edition of Crafts Magazine (top), 'Broken China' basket included in plaiting chapter of Practical Basketry Techniques (bottom).

Hacked IKEA lampshades using grasses, yarn and coffee stirrers (top), Penny Pot included in twining chapter of Practical Basketry Techniques (middle), lampshade using wire and crystals included in interlacing chapter of Practical Basketry Techniques (bottom).

Gathering baskets included in stake and strand chapter of Practical Basketry Techniques with paper strip interlaced construction and balloon (top image).

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