Sunday, 12 February 2012


Back from the lowlands where I was installing work for the MK Award held at Re:Rotterdam and I’m juggling various things: the performance and talk at the Siobhan Davies Dance Studios this coming Friday, a talk and installation at the Cuming Museum for Eva Sajovic’s and Sarah Butler’s event for the conclusion of their Home from Home project on Thursday, a workshop with Entelechy Arts, and the launch of my book Practical Basketry Techniques also at the Siobhan Davies Dance Studios on Friday February 24th.

I still have a good number of baskets to weave before the launch event (yikes!), but I know where I’m heading with this. I’m working on a design of a basket that combines all of the 6 weaving techniques introduced in the book. Without giving too much away, here’s a sneak preview of what these baskets might look like.

There won’t be a exact plan for the design before I start making these. Most of the design will happen in the weaving, and that's the beauty of basketry. I’ll be taking baskets apart to add to them, combining handmade with ready made elements, improvising all along as a bricoleur-weaver. Can’t wait to make and see them displayed at the launch.

Come and see them for yourselves, and remember, the first 5 people to arrive will get a free copy of the book, so come early!

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